New student information

Michael Camastro begins all new student relationships with an assessment of the golf swing. The initial evaluation discusses the strengths and weaknesses along with the necessary areas for improvement.  to ensure progress and improvement, an recognizable reference point and/or starting point must be recognized from which to work from and obtain measurable results.

The initial evaluation provides an objective measurement of golf–specific performance elements which include: Posture, Ball Position, Balance, Flexibility, Pivot, Power, Control, Speed and Rhythm.

Assessment includes:

  • Flightscope Skill combine
  • TPI fitness evaluation K-Vest Training
  • Consistent work with a certified swing expert/performance coach
  • Science and motion putting lab evaluation
  • Short Game Evaluation 
  • Each player will leave with a custom plan to improve their games
  • An instructional lesson video is created during all studio sessions.
  • Students are encouraged to utilize the Student Login on the home page of the Players Elite Golf Academy website (also an email link is sent) to view discussions, videos and statistical information recorded while together.