The Players Elite Golf Academy teaches general golf skills not specific swing or method. We believe that learning skills and transferring them to the course is essential for the improvement of your game. No two golfers are alike so the Players Elite Golf Academy coaches on an individual basis to help you achieve your own specific goals.
The essential skills to be learned are:

1.    Ball Control

2.    Self Management

3.    Decision Making

Players Elite Golf Academy coaches do more than just identify faults and prescribe fixes. They encourage and support your practice while providing the appropriate feedback on these 5 core areas.

•    Long Game – The long game is comprised of the swing fundamentals of all full swings. This area is paramount to
                             developing a repeatable athletic motion that develops a consistent 9 ball flight such as low medium and 
                             high draws and fades.

•    Short Game – The Short Game is comprised of core skills associated with all non- full swing motions including chipping,
                             pitching, putting, and bunker play.

•    Golf Fitness – Golf Fitness incorporates the specialized strengthening and flexibility training utilized by our industry
                             experts to promote consistent performance and sustainability.

•    Club Fitting – Our Club Fitting resources utilize the Flight Scope which provides feedback that allows for the optimization of                             launch conditions, spin rates and overall distance through the correct club manufacturer and set make-up.

•    Mental Game –The Mental Game trains you how to develop proven mental processes and practice routines
                              to produce consistent results on the course.

A specific plan for improvement will be developed based on your goals ability and commitment level. The plan will include: Priorities for you (what areas are we going to address?), Process for improvement (how we are going to make the changes?), Plan for off-course and on-course (when/sequence for changes?), and Production (tracking the results of the plan). You will then be walked through our simple coaching model: 



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