K-Vest Bio Mechanic Training

K-VEST’s cutting-edge technology enables golfers to stay at the forefront. The real-time visual and auditory feedback keeps students improving because they are able to monitor and track their progress over time. K-VEST”s comprehensive solution features include:TPI 3D Software?Developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, TPI 3D measures swing efficiency via the kinematic sequence and allows users to compare swing patterns to the world’s top PGA and LPGA players.K-SWING Summary?Simple and automated 3D analysis provides user-friendly reporting, comparative PGA/LPGA averages, and one click delivery of real-time training.Video Analysis?Allows users to simultaneously capture 3D and video, which can be viewed in single capture or in split screen mode with illustrative drawing tools.Real-Time Feedback?Real-time visual and auditory biofeedback can be used to improve every aspect of the golf swing, including set up, back swing, top and impact positions.

K Vest Training with K Trainer One K Vest Sessions $65
Three K Vest Sessions$125
Six K Vest Sessions$169
Ten K Vest Sessions$259
Twenty K Vest Sessions$419