Your Short Game is approximately 60%-75% of one’s score?  
Learn specific approaches around the green with our easy to understand methods and practice drills, and learn a repeatable method that produce results with lowered scores. Our High School Scoring Game instruction follows: putting, chipping, pitching, 30 to 100 yards scoring shots and sand bunkers-all from understanding the fundamentals of stances, grips, ball position, swing techniques and different grass heights. Our six week Scoring Game will guarantee to lower your score by as much as 10 strokes

Lessons give emphasis on the essential of the scoring game fundamentals:
1/2 Swings techniques for- 30 yards - 80 yards (lob wedge - gap wedge - sand wedge - pitch wedge)        
100-125 yards’ proximity distance wedge techniques ·        
Putting strokes basic to short and lag putting·        
Chipping - 5 yards and up (bump & run)·        
Pitching - 5 yards-30 yards (high & low shots)·        
Set Up and Ball Positions (execute shots from different slopes - different grass heights)·        
Sand Bunker (understand the correct bounce and sand textures)

Age range 13+
Min/Max enrollment 6-10 participants
Clinic duration:6 weeks  (2 hrs. each) 
Program Fee: $175.00